Sunday, June 17, 2007

Among other things..

Another darling pic of Payton after his party... He was exhausted. I'm sure you will all be thrilled to know,,,,drum roll please. I took payton's bobby (bottle) away. It really hasn't been bad at all. He has been getting up in the night cause he doesn't quite know how to soothe himself back to sleep without it.. He likes to lay with daddy night after Christian kicked him out he came out to the kitchen and demanded I make him pancakes.. I told him he could have them for breakfast cause I wouldn't be making pancakes at 3 am.. He said,"mommy make them!" We had a good father's day today. Christian went golfing yesterday with his friend Tom.. I watched my babys and Jaxon..(Tom and my best friend Jess's baby) I should get a wife of the year award.. Seriously. I made breakfast for Christian and Payton for their special day. Christian had to speak in church today with his counselors and he assigned them to speak first and didn't prepare a talk.. well one of the guys showed up really late, it was great to see my husband sweating bullets on the stand cause he had nothing prepared and was thinking he would have to take up a lot of time. Naturally his talk was great..the best of all three. Well enough out of me.. Its almost 12 am, maybe I should think about going to bed?? Probably not though.

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