Sunday, June 10, 2007

BuSy WeEk...

Hello friends and family.. Life has been so busy for us this week. We had a few trips to Ogden to visit my sister who just moved up there,,that is the longest drive ever.. I hate it. Riley had his 4 month check-up this week., He now weighs a little under 15 lbs, and is 26 inches long. He is in the 42% on his weight and 83% on his height. He is sooooo stinkin cute these days..he is laughing, smiling,rolling over (don't tell anyone folks but he fell off the bed once and off the couch once right onto the hard floor) both times were of course tragic for the both of us.. I felt soooo bad. He is fine though and I of course watch him much more carefully now. Payton is definitely a 2 year old now.. His birthday is this Sunday. He is so independent, or at least thinks he is :). He likes to tell me NO WAY if I ask him to do something he is a total pickle. I asked him to turn the fan off for me and he said no mommy your turn. funny. Weight watchers is going pretty good. I lost 2 more lbs this week, not quite as impressive as 7 but whatever., I suppose I should be laying off the chocolate covered gummy bears.:) 61 left to go. Christian has been busy with work this week he has been doing a little painting for my ex step grandma this week. She is a hilarious woman. She sits and talks to him the whoooole time while she drinks rum and coke and energy drinks... she is a total hoot. I need to post pictures of the boys and will do so soon.. if I can find my camera.. I am trying to convince Christian that I NEED a new camera with a fast shutter speed to get great pics of our babies.. He isn't buying it. He says I just want a new camera and I really don't need it.. Imagine that.:)

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