Saturday, June 2, 2007

French Fried Jamee

I garage selled today and I am fried..OUCH. Life has been so busy this week. I took Riley to Primary Childrens to have his head looked at cause the back is really flat.. Imagine a M&M :0). I waited 1.5 hours to see the Dr. and he spent 23 seconds with us and said Riley's head is fine. Well thanks very much Doc. I am glad that he won't have to wear a helmet though. Payton is learning his ABCs this week. Hopefully he will have them down pat by his 2nd birthday which is June 17. He is so cute these days. Christian took some chicken out of the microwave last night and Payton said EEWWW, Christian said "Payton its chicken" and Payton said "Dad I know, I seen it!" So funny. I went to weight watchers this week and I had lost 7 lbs. Pretty good start for the TUBBA. Only 63 to go :(..

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