Friday, July 27, 2007

busy summer...

hello... life has been crazy busy... really it is just me making it that way but whatever:) Christian and I just celebrated our 27th birthdays.. I really don't care but Christian is now 3 years from 30 and hating every minute of it. I am now working at Archibalds at Gardner Village as a server for a few nights a week... I love it.. Well the work kicks my trash, but I work with my best friend and a bunch of other cool people..In a odd way it actually makes me feel like a person again.. like Jamee. of course I am in love with being a wife and mommy but I don't do much outside that and this has been a great change for me.. So I am really not caring what anyone thinks about my having gone back to work.. NOT even Dr. Laura.. or my mom..or anyone:) I love jamming out to music after I have dropped off my bambinos and acting like I'm 19 for a few hours every now and then.. How sad, but oh sooo great! Christian and I went on a little mini vacation with the boys for the past few days.. We just stayed at the Hilton in Salt Lake.. It was a lot of fun eating out, shopping, swimming, seeing how fast we could blow through $400.00 ;) ...We went to the parade and just spent some family time. Now we are back finishing up our work week. Riley is as sweet as ever.. still..:) knock on wood. He is babbling all the time and says da da,, Chrisitan thinks its for him.. its not honey :) Riley passes the day away sucking on his toes and watching Caillou with Payton.. He loves the jumperoo, and just kickin around.. I went and bought the bumbo again.. He still isn't sitting up so I thought it might help him beef up his muscles..really I just like to buy things..and he will hate the bumbo and then I will return it for the second time and find something else to spend money on.. don't tell Christian..:) Payton is two for sure now and a total hand full.. I love him all the same though.. He is so funny and is constantly making me laugh...He gets into everthing and makes 60 messes a day that I have to clean up. He loves watching Caillou, reading books, his tools and mow mow, he wants to help me with EVERYTHING I do.. Darling really:) I will post some pictures of my most darling children now.. and then I will venture off to bed since its nearly 1 AM and Riley will most likely wake up just as I have dozed off, and I will be a walking zombie tommorrow, I mean today.. You know what I mean.

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