Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hi Friends..

hello all.. life has been super busy lately.. I guess it is always that way:) I got a job at Archbalds as a server. I spent all last week training and was on my own for the first time tonight. It was sooooo slow and I only made a whopping $40.oo I am still onery about it. Any who I really like it. I work with my best friend Jesse and lots of other fun peeps... Yesterday we went to a fun swimming pool with my friends and our kids.. I lost sight of Payton for a moment and nearly had a heart attack in the few minutes it took to find him. He had wandered clear to the other side of the pool , climbed 2 flights of stairs to go down a huge adult slide... Naughty.. Payton is a hilarious child and is always making me laugh., today I put him down for a nap, and when he woke up he was just in their talking to himself..so I left him there for a few minutes and all the sudden he starts crying and screaming..so I run in there and Payton is like "snail mommy snail", He is totally afraid of this snail that really was a big booger on his sheet... soooooo funny. He also likes to be the baby and likes to do everything Riley does... Riley of course is my angel baby and is getting so big.. He has the sweetest personality..I enjoy every minute of him. Christian is keeping super busy with work right now and with me working we haven't seen eachother as much,,which is a adjustment. Life is good though. Tommorow is the 4th and Christian actually has the day off!! So..hopefully we will do somthing fun..

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