Sunday, August 12, 2007

I am not having success uploading pics...:( MIL suggest its my new 10 mega pix camera..The camera is fabulous.. However my internet isn't.. what shall I do folks?


Amy Rindy said...

Hey Jamee! I found your blog and I love it - you crack me up. And of course I love seeing all the pics of your adorable boys.
As far as your uploading pictures problem - are you having problems getting them on your computer or just on the blog? If it's the blog, have you tried shrinking the pictures to a smaller size before trying to attach them? That might help. Good luck and I hope you figure it out, so we can keep seeing your cute family!

utetothecore said...

Jamee, Just so you know I love reading your great naratives AND the darling grandsons! You are wonderful! Try to sleep more - many of these are posted really late and I worry about you. Love MOM Cathy

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