Sunday, February 17, 2008

I am Back!!! Finally...

So I am so excited... I finally have high speed internet again.. So now I will be able to blog, and upload pics from that fantastic new camera..:) it is 1211 am and I really am so tired.. But I thought I would jot a little. Forgive alllll the typos. I am sure you will get the point. Its been like 7 months since I wrote last.. Nothing super out there has happened.. I still work at Archibalds as a server.. I like it for the most part even though it makes my life extra hetic. I think I will stick with for awhile longer. We still unfortunatly live in West Valley.. I am such a jerk. I have been desperate to move. Its really sad but I think it mostly boils down to the ward we live in.. it is so difficult in every aspect. I was put in the nursery with my 2 kids and 15 others.. It finally through me over the edge and I was released. Christian is now serving in the Bishopric as 2nd counselor and I was just put in the Relief Society Presidency..I think I will do better with this calling. I have given up on the idea that we will move from here anytime soon and I am content to stay now.. I surrender :) This coming week I will get the boys on a list to attend a charter school just in case we are here for the long haul :0) Christian and I are going to Mexico with our BFFs Tom and Jess in April.. I am so excited. I am sooooooo nervous to leave my babies though so I try not to think about it to much. Not much else going on.. Christian is on the job hunt. We are tired of the self employment thing.. Hopefully sometime in the coming months he will find a good job with good benefits. The boys are doing great.. Payton is darling and probably the funniest person I know. He is still a total pickle though.. I am secretly nervous for what he will be like through his childhood.. he loves to hi-yah people and do what he thinks is karate.. he is totally into swords..anything and everything is and can become a sword to him. its kinda funny .. but not really. We have started potty training..he is pretty good and it and loves to make disgusting snakes...(what he calls his poo:) very entertaining.. Riley turned one on January 30th. he just started crawling and is generally a lazy baby.. he is kinda whiny lately from teething and tummy aches and a cold and I think he now has the croup.. he is barking like a seal. at this moment he is still not asleep.. I feel bacd letting him cry.. but what do ya do..Now that I have written a book..I should go to bed.

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