Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back in Utah!!

Well the boys and I have finally made it home for a visit.. Yipee.. We recieved a flight itinerary Sunday night at 11:00 pm to leave on Monday.. Just in time for my birthday and the 24th festivities.. We had a long flight yesterday but the boys were perfectly behaved.. It was so cute to watch their wide excited eyes during takeoff.. I thought it might scare them but it didn't..Riley was laughing and shouting wo wo wo... So funny. I didn't tell anyone but my Mom I was coming so we had so much fun surprising my family, best friend Jesse and Christian's family.... Today was my birthday and it was fun to be home for it.. Payton was thrilled to finally get home to his "big house" which is what he calls it.. Riley seemed to remember the house also and they have dug out EVERY toy that was left behind.. The house is a disaster.. (SORRY NAT:) I think I forgot a little what my house looked like and I am loving being back.. We are excited to continue to play with family and friends while we are visiting.. We are planning to go to the parade on Thursday,, and heading up to Idaho this weekend.. Payton is also very excited to have a campout in Grandma and Toppa Berg's backyard:) Any who.. Fun to be home.. It would be perfect if Christian could be here..but we really appreciate the hard work he is doing back in DAllas! Tear it up babe!.. I tried to get a good pic of the boys on the plane but I waited til the end and they were wiggle worms!!..

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AEllsworth said...

Happy Birthday! What a perfect gift, I'm glad you got to go home for a visit :) Dallas sounds great and I'm glad everything worked out well. Hopefully we see you soon back in Utah when we're all home from our summer fun!

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