Monday, July 28, 2008

a little piece of heaven

We have had a fabulous week! We went to Idaho (hidaho as Payt calls it) this weekend. It is our little piece of heaven in this crazy world and I am so happy we were able to make it up there!. We had fun at the lake, and Payt loved 4-wheeling with his cousins and looking at the horses..Murphey and Striker.. We went to a wild west shootout in Montpeliar yesterday and Payt loved that. Riley of course is content to do anything! We went to the parade on the 24th which is a fun tradition and we loved being with the family. Tonight Payt is having a campout in Grandma and Grandpa Berg's backyard. ( I am hopin the tent doesn't blow away) :) It really has been a great few days.. Its funny being back at home and doing the things I always do here is now the "vacation". I miss Christian and its not quite as enjoyable without him here. I drove home late last night so I could be at our home ward. It was bittersweet to be there today. It was sad to see Christian's empty chair on the stand..then I quickly remembered what a drag it is to manage my two boys alone during sacrament! Since that will be my lot for 4 more years I decided to enjoy the last 2 months I have of making him do ALL the dirty work during sacrament:) It was so good to see everyone. As I sat in Relief Society I was pleased with the progress I have made over the last 6 months. I really do love our ward and the people! I am grateful for Lords mercy, because I was a total pickle about living here for a long time.. I have finally seen the light now that I have been away. I am finally there! I am excited to be back for good in a few months and dive back into our callings! I really felt excited today that in a few months I can conduct, and teach and to all my responsibilities as a counselor that I never quite felt that much excitement for.. I went to dinner tonight at our good friends Shad and Jen Vicks, (he is also our Bishop). It was so fun and I am so grateful for their friendship..we really miss home.. so that is why its bitter sweet.. So happy to get to visit,,a little sad that the summer isn't quite over. We will head back to Dallas on Friday and will be gone for probably about 2 more months,.,Sad to leave..Happy to get back to my husband. Home truly is where our little family is together.. I am excited to have a few more fun days with family and friends and then we're off! Okay baby crying..better go.

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JameeMaLee said...

well well... so this is what you were doing instead of calling me to say goodnight...I guess I can forgive you. It looks really cute. Good work. And one more thing... enjoy your last 5 days on your vacation! Dont think about me..of course I miss you too..terribly..but just enjoy it and dont worry about me at all. Do everything you wanted to do you little social butterfly you! Love you


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