Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back in Tejas

Well here I am..back in good ol Tejas.. We had a good flight, I drugged the boys with Dramamine and they both passed out fairly quickly:) So.. I obtained a copy of BREAKING DAWN this morning!!!! I am so excited to read it..but so torn. I really wanted to read the other 3 again and then start this..BUt I'm just not sure if I can wait,,!! So it sat on the counter all day while I stared at in unable to make a decision either way:) I really hate to offend..but Dallas quite literally is hotter than hell. I'm sure of it.. its after 1am and I think its still a balmy 100 outside. I stay inside all day here, sometimes we go to the pool or target..but thats about it:) Anyway.. it is good to be back in my husbands company..we really did miss him..We had such a fun time back in Utah,,it was so good to see all my fav peeps. Thanks for making it such a fun trip!!! We got to see everyone we wanted too!! We had a fabulous time! Well I should go to bed..9 am church comes early:)night

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fREnCh TrOSt said...

Your blog is way cute! I'm with you on the dreadful heat, it's not even fun going outside cuz it's too darn hot. Everyone says Sep. is way cooler..we'll see.

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