Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I took Ry to get his first haircut! The previous cut I gave him in the kitchen with poultry scissors doesn't count:) I took him to this cute place called Snip-its. The kid can watch a movie during their cut and gets suckers and prizes. He sat perfectly still while watching his movie.. He looks cute.. I'm trying to get it to spike on top..that might take a little growing out..its practically buzzed:0)

How cute is Ry on the potty??? He really did go pee pee! It actually startled him..Quite Funny!!

Cheyenne took our whole office to Ruths Chris for our final dinner. It was so fun to go and try it out( especially on someone elses dime:) Cause man is it pricey! The boys all received their loot from winning the APX Cup.. That was definitely fun! Thanks Cheyenne!


Jess said...

I miss you!!!!!!!!! Please come home to me! Please tell me that having Meatloaf on your playlist was a mistake, oh Jamers! Ry's hair is adorable!

JameeMaLee said...

ummm is it just me or do i look really really round. The round mound of chubbiness. Sorry babe, i will start on that right when we get home.. Its not my fault. Blame Blue bell Ice cream and cheese cake factory's strawberry shortcake....

love you

Nikki said...

aw! Look at you two! No, you don't look round. They have a place like that out here called cookie cutters. I take Hopie there but Bern cuts Luke's. I should say buzzes it. His 1st haircut was a few weeks ago and he buzzed it to 7/8 of an inch. NO more mowhawk. So, when are you coming home?

Smoothie said...

YO Lovebergs!!!

I'm glad you are alive and kickin. What the crud are you doing in Texas? Anyways, I obviously didn't make it out to the 'ol 10 year reunion as plane tickets are outrageous and my summer ran out on me faster than Spears goes through boyfriends. I seriously want to go to a UTE game so bad this year (and every year for that matter). As I am living in good 'ol Concord, New Hampshire on a poor man's budget trying to get through law school it may be difficult, but fear not there are fellow Utes out here and our voice is strong!!!

Jamee your blog does not suck. The fact that you update often will keep the fans rolling on in. That is the magical secret.

By the way your boys are way cute.


emily said...

Jamee that picture is so cute of you and Christian! When are you coming home? I guess I will check your counter...

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