Monday, August 11, 2008


So have ya'll heard about this thing thats going on with Russia and Georgia? Christian mentioned it to me this morning and was saying how its going to cause the next world war and so on,, So of course I become concerned and start reading up on it after he left. I was freaking how did the Russians get their tanks into OUR Georgia?? Why on earth is Pres. Bush in China enjoying the Olympics when Russia has invaded one of our states?? I nearly called my friend Em whose inlaws live in Georgia to see what on earth is going on!!!! Well eventually I realized that this so called Georgia is actually another country..Idiot I know. I shared the good news with Christian tonight assuming he also thought Russia had invaded Atlanta or something terrible like that and he just stared at me.. and then started laughing..said I was having a "jessica simpson moment" whatever.. I just wanted to make it clear to all of you out there the real deal regarding this invasion.. I repeat our Peachy state is just fine!! No worries there mmmkay:)

I should add this really is quite serious.. here is one of the latest updates on this terrible situation.


Melissa said...

That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. :)

utetothecore said...

How fun it was to catch up on your blog this morning. My boys are soooo cute and I wish I could jump on a plane and do all that free stuff with ya'll. G'ma B

Nikki said...

Jamee, That is freaking hilarious! Bern and I were just talking about that tonight as we were on our way to murray park for my work party. We were listening to Glenn Beck making fun of people. Anyway, love your blog! your boys are getting big. I'm still pretty amateurish at this thing and only really have time to do this at night but it is a good way to share pics. We should all do lunch at the park soon.

emily said...

LOL! I was sitting here reading it going, didn't he mean the country?? HA HA. Liked your update of Dallas above. Sounds like you are having fun. Were there pics to go along with the condom picture and Payton's "pets"??

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