Thursday, August 28, 2008

My MoRnInG

I start the day wondering if I can for go bathing my children (cause I'm sick like that)..Then putrid smell. I went to change Riley and there is this huge lump in the leg of his jammies.(Whats that I wonder???) I open his jammies to see a naked pee pee staring back at me! And a jammie leg full of poo and pee.Sick. We didn't for go the bath.

Then I go for a shower. Payton decides to make "shloclate" milk.. 32 oz. NO LESS than than 1/2 bottle of "shloclate" syrup. YuM! ALICIOUS as Payt would say. Stinker!.

Tonight we went to Kung Foo Panda again. Love it. SUCH a good message.Night.


AEllsworth said...

We loved Kung Fu Panda too! It's a new favorite!! Haha the poo story is great! Thanks for makin me laugh cuz I've had a lot of not so funny poo moments with Belle since trying to potty train. :(

emily said...

So sick! I love the picture!!! Payton is SO cute!

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