Friday, August 15, 2008

OuR DaY iN a NuTsHeLL

Well I decided to take pics of what we did today..Christian is out of town for a few days working.I have begun talking to myself just to keep the adult conversation going:) As you can see in the pics sweet Riley decided to unroll a brand new roll of toilet paper all over the bathroom.. We then went to the grocery with Payton dressed up as none other than SPIDEY :) He is a hilarious child. We then came home and played with Payt's "pets".They have leashes and all so we can take them on walks and hang them from the door knobs. The little walking toy is named "Kevin Trost" and sometimes he calls him "blanket". The dino is just dino. His last pet was a real live grasshopper named Rumbly that lived in a plastic container on my kitchen counter til he started getting moldy and his leg fell off. I made Christian set him free at that point!! Poor thing. He also had a pet leaf he found floating in our pool he named stinky. Maybe I will give in and get him a real pet when we move home. I then spent 2 hours trying to get Payt to take a nap..and SUCCESS..2 hours of dinking around and thrashing about and then ZONK!! YAY.. Riley of course took a 4 hour nap so he wasn't around for any of the fun. Then I tried to make biscuits and gravy for dinner. Em and Kev made them for breakfast and they looked fab.. Of course mine were not. They were the THIRD un-edible thing I've made in a month! Sooo we went to olive garden and had a fabulous alfredo moment.. Christian hates Olive Garden so I thought hey why not go there while he's not here???? So I know your all wondering what the "Condoms to Go" pictures are.,.Look..I just wanted to share a little piece of Dallas with ya'll. I'm not trying to be a perv..really. We're all adults and know what "those" are right?? If you don't email me and I'll explain ;) These stores are ALL over Dallas.. SO funny right. Who actually has a store front that says that? Well a butt load of peeps here in Dallas do.I passed like 6 of them on the way home from Olive Garden. Just wanted to share. I really do love Dallas..Christian thinks we should move here cause the housing is so much cheaper. I would love to honey..oh but wait, one little problem. I HAVE NO LIFE HERE. See ya'll in what 48 days. If I'm still here that is.My brain might have decreased to the level of a 3 year old by then. peace out. hey isn't my new playlist bomb? Whatever I know everyone hates it,,turn the volume down..:) night

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Nikki said...

Man, you are brave! Love the condoms to go stores, hilarious! Your boys are adorable and I like the bracelet. Good plan.

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