Saturday, August 23, 2008

Phatties Phorever

Hey Ladies..Hope you all have a time at the 10 year reunion. Heck we're old.To the crazy ladies.. try to leave the flasks at home. There will be no streaking the football field. Leave the SBO sweaters and cheerleader uniforms home. We really don't want to cause problems with 10 pack. Jess and Stacy..white lightning and the party van will be truly missed. I am truly sad that as the real fat-a of the group I am missing the festivities..(TRULY I'M NOT!) But I love you all and am happy we have stayed friends all these years. See you all soon. Go Miners:)


Unknown said...

I just shed a tear thinking of all the memories you just mentioned. We missed you guys, it wasn't a party without you. And FYI I only had to break up the fight between the phatties and 10 pack once and a close second time in the parking lot!! Wew, glad that's over with.

emily said...

YAY! Phatties Forever!! After talking to Sind (even though she said it was good) I didn't even feel sad I wasn't there. I got to catch up through her!! :) Love ya Jam!

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