Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sponge Bob Mania

Sorry to all who care to gander at my blog. I'm sure you've figured out by now its nothing but a bunch of mudane musings.So we've been deathly ill here. I think we are going to survive though. We all got sick with the flu this week. Its been a total bummer living out of state! Where is Grandma when ya need her?? Only about 1000 miles away. Since Christian and I were zapped with the nasty bug at the same moment our children had to survive on hotdog buns and any pickins they could find under Riley's high chair:)Sick.Sad. Anyway. Since our summer adventure started I estimate I have seen about 1 billion episodes of Sponge Bob (give or take a few). I truly love Sponge Bob. Although I think my heart goes to Patrick. I just have 2 questions.. Does Sponge Bob ever graduate boating school, and does Plankton ever get the Krabby Patty recipe??? I'm just dying to know. Well everyone is going home..(except us of course) Just wanted to say a good bye Carrie and Fam. It was great to have your sassy attitude around. I will miss talking crap with you..:) GOODLUCK wherever it is your headed..harloton, harlingen>>not sure.See you in Cancun. Well I've got a busy night planned, I'm gonna go chew a stick of gum now, and maybe watch the olympics. night

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emily said...

Seriously? Sponge Bob?? I am sure your kids get to watch it a ton bc that is the only dang thing on in the mornings on Nick Jr. Ugh. (SORRY!)

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