Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Walking on the Sun

We had a fun time at Lewisville Lake this week. It was our incentive for I'm not sure what..Being the best I guess;) Our manager Cheyenne rented 6 boats and all the toys for the office to enjoy for a day.. I loved boating, it had been way to long! We shared a boat with our friends Bill, Carrie and their cute kids. We had a intense few minutes when we decided to stop and swim in the middle of the lake..Well folks not a good idea to jump in a lake with a kid. Which Christian and I both did. Apparently we aren't good swimmers and choppy water and the boat floating away didn't help either!! We could not make it back to the boat with the kids.,Carrie had to rescue Christian and take Payton back to the boat so Christian could swim back, get the boat and now drive out to rescue Riley and I who were now floating in the middle of the lake yards and yards and yards away ..I was like is anyone holding up the orange flag??!!! Any way luckily we were rescued, and not run over by another boat!..we won't try that again:) We had a great time though! Thanks Cheyenne and Lisa!! We are enjoying the Dallas office., they are consistently #1 in the whole company as well as in the whole industry!! These boys are kickin trash while their skin melts off in the blistering heat! Christian compares it to walking on the sun..Sorry babe.. I hope you know how much we appreciate you! The office is competing in the APX cup right now with other offices in the company for a trip to cabo san lucas.. We are hoping they win!! Anyway things are good. The boys are great,, Riley is walking a little better every day! Hooray!

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