Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big News

SOOO my boyfriend may or may not have dropped the laptop. It may or may not have caused a little internet glitch we need to get fixed. He actually did do this. I am currently using the apartments internet. Hopefully the problem is fixed fast. If there are no new posts...Well you know why. Sooooo I am coming home. finally. I am sososososososo EXCITED. I can hardly contain myself really. I have desperately missed my house thats in the hood. ( I don't even mind thats in the hood anymore) I just want my digs back. YA KNOW?? I have missed my family and Christian's BFF Jess! Are we still best friends?? All my other great job at Archibalds..well I missed you too.
SEe ya'll soon. mmmkay.
Boyfriend get that computer fixed a-SAP. love you.

1 comment:

AEllsworth said...

Oh fun! So when do you come home? & how'd every thing go out there??

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