Monday, September 8, 2008

Fishing Poles, Free haircuts...and Jelly Shoes

Today I cut Payton's hair.. After Riley's $20 could I afford to take Payt? I must say I think I did a awesome job,,and I saved 12 whole dollars. Call me for a appt if you would like me to give YOU a hot haircut..I will do it free cause you should know there is a 96% chance you will hate it and ask for your $ back anyway.
I told you my son loves shoes. Enough to wear these adorable jelly shoes doesn't he look cute? Thanks to Brooklyn for sharing the beauties.
So Payton is really into FISHING POLES. I told him I would buy him one if he would poop on the potty. Lets face it folks that might not happen til he's like 7. So today I made him a fishing pole he is sure to catch like a crap load of fish on. How to make a fishing pole: Paint a dowel your favorite color, add stickers, glitter or whatever kinda decor your heart desires. Place a "eye screw" in the end and tie on a string for the fish to bite down real hard on as you yank them from the water.

How to cook a carp..
-Place the carp on a shingle.
-Let the carp bake in the sun.
-When tender toss the carp and eat the shingle.
Is that how is goes Grandpa???


Annie said...

Jamee.... I love that song on your blog. Just thought I would let you know. And, I love the jelly shoes!

Puerto Rican Gringa said...

I am impressed with the cutting! I cut Sheldon and Ty's hair, and Sheldon dyes mine! One day we hope to be able to go to a salon. Can't wait until you come home!

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