Saturday, September 13, 2008

GoodByE TeJas..and wedding ring:( :(

Well we officially left yesterday. We made it to Christian's Aunt and Uncle's house in Canyon Tx. I was so excited to leave..but my excitement is tainted.
Five years ago today Christian propsed with the most beautiful little piece of metal and rock I'd ever seen. My ring is now likely in the sewers of Dallas. Funny how a sentimental ring that cost a few thousand bucks can bring such grief. I am devastated over my loss. I am trying to remember all the great things in life. Today many people will face the loss of loved one and other terrible things..I am so blessed to have my husband and children and a good life..BUT I am still sad. Lucky for me the setting is still around and my loving husband has offered to replace it.
ps..Today we are driving to Denver.
pps..this is the most refreshing weather I've seen in 5 months
its like 70 degrees!
Have YOU Seen me Sewer Man???

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emily said...

YAY! You are on your way home!! I am so happy! So sorry to hear about your diamond. Sucks! I lost my whole ring this summer. Can't believe it. ugh.

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