Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tiggity Tagged,.I ThInK.

Here I go:
8 Tv Shows I love to watch
The Office
Chelsey Lately
The Bachelor
Nancy Grace (funny huh)
8 things that happened yesterday
ate breadsticks for dinner
gave Ry enema
changed a GINORmOUS pOO!
Talked to Jess on the phone 2x
talked to mom on the phone 4x
sent c off to a scout camp
watched dateline
went to bed with Payt (feet in my face ALL night)
8 favorite restaurants
Cafe Rio
Olive Garden
Pei Wei
La Frontera
8 things I am looking forward too
( hmm this is a hard one)
A finished/fenced backyard
thanksgiving cruise
starting work (archibalds)
Payt starting preschool
a new baby (in 2010)
C coming home from scout camp today
a trip to Idaho
backend check
8 things on my wish list
a rockin H-O-T body
a awesome new job for c
new chocolate brown carpet
lots and lots and lots of $money$ in my dda
a beautiful fenced grassy backyard for my boys
Good Health and LONG LIfe for my family
a housekeeper ( I suck at this)
brand new Toyota Sienna
8 people I'm tagging
Emily Garrison
Emily Trost


fREnCh TrOSt said...

Thanks for the fun read! thanks for the tag but I'm really not as interesting of a person as you are, but I'll get around to it:)

Puerto Rican Gringa said...

Jamee I love you! You make me laugh! I am so happy your home!!!! I don't have your # so call me! I would love to see you! Were doing a playdate on Friday I hope you come!

ToddandCamille said...

I found you guys, hope you don't mind me poking around you can visit us at toddandcamille.blogspot your boys are so cute!

Trevor & Lindsey said...

You were to invited! I just sent the invite to the wrong house... Sorry! Are you ever going to forgive me?

JameeMaLee said...

Lindsey Lindsey.. of course I forgive you:)

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