Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UtaH...The GREATEST Place On Earth

(Look how perfectly this little fella got lodged in the wiper. I stared at him for at least 300 miles before he became un-lodged and flew into the wind (dead of course))
We made it!! YAY. It took 3 days and 20 hours..But were here.. and its fabulous to be home. The weather here is lovely. The mountains are lovely. My house is lovely (needs work) but awesome to be back to. I'm sooooo happy to be back where family and friends exist! The cherry on top is that I found my RING!!!! Miracle!. I looked and unpacked every square inch and never found it in Dallas. It was in my suitcase wrapped in a dress that I had handled multiple times in my searching. I am so happy to have the thing back. I can't even say. It has made coming home PERFECT.


Cowan Family said...

I'm glad you are back. Hooray!! It will be so fun to hang out again. I'm so glad you found your ring too.

emily said...

So glad you found your ring. I am jealous! I am even happier you are back. Are you planning on Friday?

Laura Alvord said...

Yipee! It will be so fun to see you again.

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