Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why I Love You Riley Ry

You are SUCH a SWEET boy. You have the most darling cutest personality of any baby I know! You love hats and to you little Ry ANYTHING can be a hat. I love your little high pitched voice..especially when it says mommy and meeow. I love how your favorite words right now are.. "Tank you and no" Its so cute that you actually know when to say them!! Actually thats not true.. you say "NO" to everything! "Riley do you want to eat?" no.. " Do you want a baba?" NO. I know you really mean YES.. you just won't say it. We will keep working on that:) I love how you love DADDY. If he is around you want nothing to do with me..and hey I'm OKAY with that! I love how you love cars and trains..anything with wheels. Its so fun to watch your little personality come out and see what makes you tick and what you like. I like how you can be a drama king.. If Payt bugs you and I'm watching ..you make a extra big fuss over it all. You curl up your lip let out some fake cries and even squeeze a tear or two out. Its soooo funny.. ..Its really CUTE how friendly you are with complete strangers...It doesn't matter who they are you have no shame! You'll try to climb upon their lap and get a drink of their coke, a bite a burger..or hey how about a KISS.?? How about when you give a kiss, you follow up with a swift slap in the face..kinda funny, but borderline annoying:)I think its super cute (and helpful) that a wet washcloth keeps you busy for a good hour you love to wipe EVERYTHING! i THINK ITS SO CUTE how you suck your binky upside down. I ADORE your little pucker kissy face..its just so you. Its so funny that you have this secret hiding place..thats where I look first when I am missing something.. 9 times outta 10..its THERE! I LOVE how everything is a telephone to you.. if you can't find something you talk on..you use your hand. "ello" "ello". I loove how you love shoes..cause I love them too! You love to try on any shoe you can find.. I love your big BLUE eyes! You are darling and your mutha loves you.

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utetothecore said...

Ry Guy has changed soooo much since your July visit. Maybe it is the haircut - he is a little boy now! I want one of those kisses! Love you miss you!

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