Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why mommy loves Payt

Whats not to love about you? You are a funny funny child. We begin each day with you saying "its daytime get outta bed you sleepy head skonka lonka". What is a Skonka Lonka anyway??? I love your big brown green eyes. I say they are green like mine. Daddy says they are brown like mine. He doesn't know! They really are GREEN! Your favorite color is red.. I suspect this has to do with your father.. He is a avid UTES fan..so of course you are too! YOur red underwear are your "ute underwear" ..so you say. I think you are a beautiful child..you have happy sparkling eyes and a smile that melts my heart.! You are soooo smart. I won't take credit for that.. cause a lot of what you know you have self taught and pick up things VERY quickly from the environment around you. You have a fantastic imagination..I love that! YOu always have a new way of playing.. imaginary friends and pets. Its so cute and funny. Its really funny how you love to wind cords and strings around things. If I need a phone charger, the skillet cord...I just ask you. I love your kisses on the lips and your pop your head off hugs! Its soo fun to watch you grow up. You are becoming so independent.You love guns and swords..cute, but also a LITTLE scary:) YOU LOVE Super Heros..I'm sure thats what you really will be when you grow up! You love to take pictures..I try to hide the camera..but you always find it and fill the memory card with random shots of outer space and other important things:)Its so cute how your always trying to make a friend, at the grocery store, mall, wherever you are you ask other kids to be your friend and just EXpect that they are. You love sports, and you are pretty good at them.. Since we left Utah you started sleeping in a big boy bed,gave up the "bobby", your almost potty trained..and you can dress yourself! What a BIG BOY! I love you so very much, you are a true delight everyday of my life! You REALLY are little skonka lonka, banana head.

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utetothecore said...

OK -- Now I seriously can't stand you guys being gone! My heart is melted with that precious "why mommy loves Payt". I should start my own story "why grandma B loves Payt"........ COME HOME

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