Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I come from a family of nine children. Three of which are adopted. Who is #9 you ask???


who just turned 18..

Congrats on making it to 18..

The doctors who said you wouldn't make it to "2" really didn't know what they were talking about did they?

I love you and am grateful for the silliness you bring to our family.


Shakin it Katie style


Liz said...

Hi Jameelee,
Just a note to say I saw your blog from nienie today and just wanted to say, "Keep up the good work!" It sounds like you are doing your very best to be the best mom you can be. This is not easy job, but way to go! It sounds like you love those around you. Way to go! Take care,

Debbie said...

Loved your post on Nie today!!! Love your blog too! I have a question, how do you change your blog to yellow and then add the wallpaper? Just curious, very cute!!!

Tracy said...

I found you through Nie's blog, just wanted to drop by and check you out. Love your blog!
Also wanted to say happy birthday to Katie, even though I'm a little late.
Have a great day!


JameeMaLee said...

debbie... I'm not sure what the wallpaper is on my blog?? I am guessing your talking about the header. It is just copied into the space just like you would a picture and the I removed my background and just choose the background color in layout..

emily said...

Happy Birthday Katie! I can't believe how grown up she looks. I has been forever. Love her!

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