Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Bestie

This pic is like the cutest ever....

Happy Birthday!!!

Hope you have a famdamtabulous day!!

Since Jess and I have been friends the majority of our lives I have lots of super memories.

Here are a few of my favorite in no particular order....

-Remember when you went home crying in 7th grade cause Andrea and I made fun of you cause you couldn't do a flip on the tramp? That was funny.

-You were so cool in High School. I loved when you dressed up as a hotdog to run for school office. YOU Won!!

-Remember when Bryson Haaga walked you home one warm summer night and gave you your first kiss under that big tree. I was so jealous. He was H-O-T. Then he gave me my FIRST kiss three months later. That is funny our first kiss was the same boy.

-Remember your cat.. Clyde I think was his name. Remember when you cut his hiny while you were cutting off dingleberrys. Gross. No wonder he ran away.
-Remember when I told you I hated you when we were roomies in college?? I was just kidding.
-Remember when we worked at Modus Media and we called in sick like 4 times a week.
-All our awesome road trips. Especially the one to Cedar City to see Heather Brady. Who does that?

-I loved coming to visit you at college after I moved home. I would sleep over, and we would share your twin bed sleeping like sticks the whole night.
-When you left on your mission a few months before me..I was so lonely. Remember when you called me in Costa Rica?? I loved that you rulebreaker.
-Remember when we were dating our husbands and we got a hotel room to share in Park City. Your Dad found out and made us come home right then and there. Gosh Brad we weren't gonna sleep in the same bed with the boys...okay maybe we were:)
I can't remember

-Remember our awesome trip to Mexico a few months ago. That was so fun.. Lets do it again.

P.S.-I really liked white lightning. RIP white lighting!

Your really funny and thats why I like you. Your a great example.Your super cool and I love to copy almost everything you do. Your a super mommy to Jack attack. I love working with you at Archie's. Thanks for being my friend for all these years. Heres to a bajillion more. Love you sista.



Jess said...

Thanks Jam for the tribute! I love that all my embarassing life is on display to the world! No...... I really love it! Those were the days! Here's to many more! I love you yamee!

emily said...

HAPPY BDAY TO JESS!! Love ya girl. Those were some funny memories. Love them!

Puerto Rican Gringa said...

Jess is great! You brought back some old memories! Love you both!

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