Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Saintly Duties

General Conference was this past weekend... I have been watching talks that I recorded to my DVR and that has been wonderful. I was thinking...WHAT IF for like even one day I lived a perfect day??????????? What on earth would that be like?????
Here is what I would do.

I would wake up BEFORE my Children

I would kneel down and say a personal prayer

I would clean the bathrooms

Then exercise on the elliptical that I paid 2 grand for (and NEVER use)

Make a breakfast outta some type of whole grain and fruit

We would say a prayer and read a scripture to start our day

I wouldn't give Ry the stink eye when he threw his breakfast all over the floor

I wouldn't raise my voice at my kids

I would kiss Christian like a 1000 times..cause he likes that

I would bath my kids

Clean my house top to bottom

Do crafts with the kids

Make cookies for the neighbors

Both my children would nap

While they napped I would make a craft and study the scriptures

I would make homemade bread

I would stay home rather that going to run errands and meet with friends

I wouldn't leave to go to work

That would eliminate A LOT of swear words that allegedly come out of my mouth

It would also eliminate breaking the Word of Wisdom by drinking Iced Tea

I would make dinner for my family and a needy family in the ward

I would visit teach all 12 sisters on my list

I would go to the temple instead of Target

I would tuck my little men into bed after reading and praying together

I would NOT watch Chelsea Lately

In fact I WOULD avoid the "E" network altogether:)

Instead I would have a great conversation with my husband

We would read the scriptures and pray together

We would then go to bed together;)

During my day I would only eat things that are healthy, What would that be like?

I wouldn't eat when I'm feeling stressed.

I would go for a brisk walk instead.

What if I did this for just one day..Maybe it would entice me to do it for a week and then a month. and then always. I'm thinking just maybe. Maybe I wouldn't be stressed. I would feel peaceful.. and for sure I wouldn't be a TUBBA. Sounds lovely.


Nikki said...

Oh my goodness. Wouldn't that be wonderful?! NO Cussing, no fighting, no whining. I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Definitely need to make some changes to be where I want to be. We still haven't gotten together. We really need to do lunch. I think my perfect day would still end with a piece of Archie's cheesecake though.

Jess said...

Jamers, that is the freakin funniest thing ever! Me and you both girl! We should add to the list, "wouldn't work at Archibalds", I think you know why!

Unknown said...

You don't know me (I found your blog from Nie Nie's today) but THAT was really funny. I often think similar things myself, especially after GC. Here's to trying, right?

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