Thursday, October 9, 2008


Last night I spent a good chunk of time at the church for a enricment activity. I don't know why but I got thinking.... What if I were Catholic and had to come to confess my sins to the priest? A person like me would surely have to confess on a daily basis. What a funny job Catholic Priests must have. Here's a glimpse into what kind of things I would include in my daily confession....

I drove to the store last night to get refreshment for Enrichment Night while listening to Katy Perry. (sin#1)Some lady pulled into the parking spot I was waiting for and I called her several unkind names in my head.(sins #23456and 7) Rude. Sorta Sorry.

This instance also reminds me of something I should surely confess and never did. I am vindictive and love a good caper. On two separate occasions in Dallas I was at the mall. Upon returning to my car I found that the car next to me had parked so close that I couldn't even open the door to get Ry in his seat. I was furious on both occasions. Who does this????? I have always prided myself on being a thoughtful parker.. Well a really nice tricked out black truck got a ding and a minor scratch.. The Lexus got a very lengthy streak of my fav clinique lipstick down the passenger side of the car. I would like to confess these acts of vandalism. Next time I shall try to contain myself. Still a little peeved but sorry.

This time of year when General Conferance rolls around I just want to be better. I can be such a jerk and I feel bad about that.. Starting now I would like to be a nicer person. Really..That means all you peeps who leave me crappy tips tonight at work I forgive you in advance. Emily I also forgive you for giving me foodline. I promise not to complain. Really.


Jess said...

I was wondering who did that to my truck @!$*#! You're going down!

emily said...

HA HA! Love your confessions. Especially about the lipstick. I can just see you out there by yourself "getting them back" and laughing to yourself! LOL! That's great.

Nikki said...

jamee- you are a funny girl and I loved the trib to jess, very funny and true.

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