Friday, November 14, 2008

Bye Bye Bobby

Props to Riley who surprisingly parted with his "bobby" this week.. Hardly even a fuss! That part was the shocker and I couldn't be happier. I allowed both my children to have the nasty habit of taking naps and going to bed with a bottle of milk..
Payton is still going thru withdrawals.
I assumed it would be difficult for Riley too..
But nope..
Here's me singing Hallelujah..

Okay..its not me. Come to think of it.. I am the exact opposite.

Maybe I'll be that sexy and cartoonish in my next life.


1 comment:

Debbie said...

Oh lucky you!!! I've finally been able to give up the binky for two whole weeks. But relapse tonight! Well, not entirely poor Morgan's fault. Kelsey is having a slumber birthday party tonight and little girls just scream and giggle. TOO much for my little buddy to handle, even if he is hard of hearing!

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