Monday, November 10, 2008


We had a LOVELY Sunday..
First things first...a bath was in order.
Mr. Scrambled egg head..

Went took the boys to temple their peejays.

Riley loved walking up and down the screen of this movie(we were the only ones there) to follow his shadow..

Dang your vedy vedy qute.
Other Sunday highlights were...It was the primary program so Christian sat with us...I made him do allll the work. I didn't have to teach Relief Society. I got to take a nap..with Christian..even better...and we had Navajo Tacos for dinner..
We put the children to bed and watched The Unit among other things.
Uh...doesn't get better than that..

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Myersville said...

Nothing like taking your kids to see Jesus in their jammies! Christian your boys look just like you. No offense Jamee, They have enough of you in them to make them the cutiest little boys. Hope all is well and you guys have a fun Cruise.
carolyn bird myers

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