Monday, November 24, 2008

I was right...

It took 3 dishwasher loads to get all the dishes washed. WHEW. Still workin on the laundry.
I went to a funeral today of a old friend of my moms.. I hadn't seen her for quite awhile. I have so many fond childhood memories with her. I always said I would see her again.. and now its to late. My heart is a little sad. It is a good lesson of not putting that phone call or visit off.
We never know when a person we care for might not be here anymore.
I went to Twilight friday with was everything I hoped it would be..LOVED IT! I thought the acting was good. Edward was h-o-t. The movie was seductive and fab.
What else could a Twilight fan hope for?
We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Saturday. It was a fun...and according to me its SOOO over.. Toss the pumpkins, put the turkey decorations away!!! YES..I am a strange one. I do not like this holiday. I am very un-traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving. I would prefer to go to a good movie and eat chinese food. This year my little family and I will be doing just that. We are getting a hotel room in Salt Lake..going to a movie, swimming, enjoying eachother..
and hopefully we will eat chinese for our Thanksgiving dinner:)....
Last but not least...we will give thanks, lots and lots of thanks for all the splendid things in life.

My THREE Boys are sooooo cute.. Don't you think?

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Debbie said...

So funny, I was craving Asian food Thanksgiving night too! Have you ever had Pho? If not, we'll have to get it one time (When I can eat non-diet food again)! Happy Thanksgiving!

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