Saturday, November 1, 2008


Our Halloween was FABULOSO...We took the boys trick or treating in South Jordan and ran into a few old friends...which was fun. The boys were sooo cute. Payt was really into it this year and Riley really loved seeing all the cars in the driveways. Funny. I ended my night by sleeping over at Jesse's house while my family went on home. Tom is in Hong Kong and Jess didn't want to sleep alone on Halloween... So we had a great time watching Fear Factor til midnight and eating our kids candy. I must admit we haven't had a sleepover since we married our husbands. I slept on Tom's side of the bed, used his pillow, and even considered wearing some of his shorts to bed:) I did draw the line there and slept in my clothes! No worries. Jesse checked the basement for boogie men (seriously) which was really funny. My Halloween "terror" came at midnight when I was finally about to doze off....

I remembered I have to teach Relief Society on Sunday.


ps.....soooooooooooo happy October is over.

as fun as your are...see you next year..peace out..

My little "Super Why"

Here we go....

Payton and Berkley...who Payton deemed his "Princess Presto"

Sweet Baby Monkey

Enjoying the loot.....

being a nerd....

Uncle Justin, Cayden, Payt, Riley and Aunt Ashley

My AWESOME father in-law..(not dressed up..)

Okay...he is dressed up.


emily said...

awww ~ so fun to have a sleepover. Sounds fabulous! Your kids look cute all dressed up. Fun stuff!

Nikki said...

I am so glad you spent the night with Jess. Sounds like you girls had a good time. I think I would draw the line at wearing Tom's clothes though and your boys are cute as usual.

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