Monday, December 1, 2008

Here's the Dealio

(this pic has nothing to do with this post or the price of tea in China. I felt weird not posting a pic so I decided on this one. It shows how flexible my very talented son is, and also documents that he still sucks a binky mmmkay)
Thanksgiving was fun...we took the boys to see Bolt (cute)...

Apparently the only Chinese place open on Thanksgiving Day is "The China Buffet"..its owned and operated by clearly this isn't real Chinese. We settled for Chuck a Rama.

Waited in line for one hour!! It was good and well worth the wait.

( I know you all think thats funny)

We got a hotel room, and then we un-got a hotel room...n settled for our own comfortable beds.

I got up to shop that next morning.

Turns out waiting in line at 4am doing Santa's dirty work made Friday very black indeed.

I started at Toys r Us....waited in the rain for a what I needed but forgot one item. BLET.

I headed to Smiths Market place where I didn't get what I wanted. BLET.

I then went to Target, where the lady "security guard" accused me of jumping the line

( all while flashing her shiny Target badge)BLET.. I DIDN'T jump the line..cause you see it was the end of the line..Next time check Ms. Bossy Pants. I did get what I wanted..BARELY. Phew.

There are no pics to document our vonderful weekend. Shoot.( Hence the odd photo above)

I am dying to get out and rake my leaves.

Seriously. I have to go. Byes

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Unknown said...

how do you get the cute colored fonts and sizes and shiz? teach me jamee, teach me....

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