Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mother of the Year Award

Is what I should receive for taking my boys to get their pictures taken.
SOOO stressful.
Between Payton's incessant yelling of the word "cheese", his runny nose,.. Riley's runny nose, crying and whining.. Like Holy Moly is all I can say. Lets do it again real soon. Not.
We did get some cute ones though. Heres a few of my favs...

I love this "classic" Riley face.

They do melt my heart..really. I love how Payt is borderline laughing in all the pics.
**So CUTE**


Melissa said...

What handsome little guys! Congrats on braving pics, it is seriously such a draining thing.

Debbie said...

So cute. I've resigned myself to the fact that our next family picture will be never. I need to take a three kiddos one though. And really, WHAT is with the runny noses? My kids have them too, not fair!

emily said...

They are so cute. You got some great pics. I totally agree that you should get mother of the year award, bc I have been putting it off for that very reason - it sucks! So stressful. DId you get those sweaters at the GAP on Black Friday? Buy 1 Get 1 Free? I almost bought Colby one too! But I couldn't find another for Caroline. GEEZ! Thanks for coming last night. It was SO good to see you. I miss your face!

Nikki said...

I hear your pain. Kids can sure be crazy especially when you need them to be good. Check out our blog and view my noncooperative children. Love the sweaters. Very cute!

AEllsworth said...

These pictures turned out awesome! Your boys are so handsome & these pics captured that for sure!

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