Monday, December 22, 2008

On "Living and Loving"

I haven't updated forever. Truth be told there isn't much to update.
I hated to sign off for the next few months with the word "hung"...:)
According to several people it conjures up images
other than those of stockings hanging from the fire place.
I would like to report that I'm still here living and loving
(the 3 wonderful boys in my life).
For this I am sooo grateful . I am the most grateful for this.
Anyone who knows me well, knows I am so happy about this!
As 2008 comes to a end I freely admit that this was not my finest year.
I am old enough to know by now this is the way life works sometimes..
My sense of humor
(of which this blog operates a lot of the time, hence my absence),
my spirituality, and my physical health are greatly waning.
With this admission I am signing off for awhile..
I would like to wish anyone who lurks this way a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!.,
and of course a Happy New Year.
What the hell,...
I hope Presidents Day,Valentines and St. Patricks Day are swell too.
I shall be back sometime next year when the dust has settled.
Til then I'll be working to live and love a little more fully each day.
Heres To 2009
(click of a wine glass filled with Welches red sparkling grape juice)


Tina said...

Your boys are darling I love their pictures even if it was a nightmare in the process. Hope you are back soon and things start looking a little better.

Nikki said...

OH Jamee, I hope you have a happy and healthy year. It really sucks when mommy isn't feeling well.Thanks for coming to our party.

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