Friday, January 23, 2009

Dear Facebookers

Dearest friends on facebook....

I want you to know that I really like all of you. There are a few of you that I have accepted friend requests from and come to find out I don't even know you. I know that your trying to "get" as many friends as my good friend Sindee has..You don't even care if you know me or not!... I'm gonna tell you right now. You don't have a snowballs chance in the hottest part of hell to catch up to her. She knows everyone. Lit-trah-ly.. And she really does know them.

So play fair..mmmkay.

I have received the following requests:

4 relative--I might just do when I'm bored at 1 am.

1 challenge soduko- a I'm no bueno at this!

2 birthday- my half birthday was figure it out.;)

1 Christmas tree- I have looks like Dr. Seuss' tree I'm told!

2 what ice cream flavor- Superman/Playdough, isn't that everyones??

1 your the best- my gosh thank you!

1 pie fight- pass

1 birthday list invite---??

3 birthday requests---formula is up above:)

1 who is your twilight--um Edward.. hello.. So H-O-T

1 snowball request--for real?? like I hate the snow.. don't you know me at all?

1 snowballs invitation--are we still talking about this?

1 Christmas stocking request- I have one.. my mother in law made it.. super cute

and a few others I deleted.. I feel so rude that I haven't responded to any of these. I am a lame facebooker.. and thats the truth. Truthfully half of these confuse me and I don't know what they mean.. or what to do. Idiot I know. I spend any time I have blogging.. So visit me here!

Love me..


Lisa B Nell said...

But... But... You remember me right??? Always loved you Jamee!!

Silly Monkeys said...


Melissa said...

Gosh, I'm so sorry about the snowball thing. but how about the best friends request? :) I get those things all the time, and I hit 'ignore.' I am much more of a blogger, too. Your blog is so funny, I love it!

Lisa B Nell said...

That is so so funny! I was showing my husband your blog and I told him that I went with you to Idaho....

Good Times! You are looking beautiful by the way! We should catch up. :) Or I can continue to blog stalk you. :) hehe

Silly Monkeys said...

I know I already LOL! But, I do have to add to my comment. I enjoy blogging and facebook. I am in contact with a lot of good friends form HS, YSA, and our Ward. It was fun to snowball fight or send something...but it can be so overwhelming...I sometimes will respond, but most time I do ignore them all and have them deleted. I would rather chatting with friends through facebook. Keep up on your blog. I enjoy reading it.

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