Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have one of those skinny windows next to my front door...
In the 2+ years I have lived here I have never covered it. How many times have my
non-member neighbors looked in the windows and seen me prancing around in my
"mormon under-wear"?? Lots I tell you.They are probably like what is that lady wearing? They've most likely seen a lot over the past two years they never wanted to see. I would like to issue a formal apology. Today I shall paint the window with acrylic paint... I know what your thinking.. "Why doesn't she just put a drape over it?" Cause that is much to complicated for me okay. Don't ask such obvious questions. Lets stick to the story.

I had this neighbor and "brother" in the ward that recently moved. He wasn't a peeping tom or anything peculiar like that but he would be out walking the dog at midnight or delivering tithing envelopes to my husband at 11pm.. What has he seen in that window in the wee hours of the morning? Scary I tell you..

The other day (fully clothed) I was bent over moping when the comcast man came a knocking. I think he may have seen my butt a little bit as I was hunched over! I didn't answer.

This one night around Christmas my dear husband was caught saying that he was going to put some Turkeys on our back porch to keep them frozen til he got around to delivering the following night..Two sisters in our ward thought it would be funny to hide the turkeys and teach him a lesson for storing them out there. They made the treacherous hike up the icy wood stairs to discover... NO turkeys! (They were in his trunk) They did take time to notice that I was in the kitchen making dinner.. Chilling I tell you! To know they were watching me through my unsecured windows. The funniest part of this story is this: Christian came home from work and took a shower and showed up in the kitchen whilst I was making dinner in his birthday suit! Junk totally exposed if you know what I mean! Hilarious! Sisters lets be in honest. I know you saw me making dinner..but did you also brother b in his birthday suit?

So secure the windows is my job for the day..
I don't need peeps watching me do pilates at 2am.


Christian Levi said...

OK everyone reading

this has gone far enough. My wife has officialy lost it. What happened to family secrets? You know...the "skeletons in the closet"? This blog has gone WAAAY over the line...

I think I need to start taking away cpu privelages eh? Maybe hiding the keyboard when I'm not home? Any suggestions?

Just one correction. I was not COMPLETELY in my birthday suit....I had on a tshirt

and a smile. :)

beth said...

Oh my gosh you two are so hilarious.

Debbie said...

I'm laughing sOOOOOOOOOOOO hard!

Silly Monkeys said...


Amy Rindy said...

You seriously crack me up - and I really want to know if Christian was seen in all his glory!

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