Sunday, January 18, 2009


I like to say that with a southern accent. We went to brrr lake this weekend for a quick trip...and had so much fun! I actually defied death and went out on the snowmobiles. I like to have a quick little ride but I am not one to get crazy. My father promised he wouldn't kill me...but lets be honest he really like risky biness if you know what I mean. We went down a few hills that the grade was I swear like 96%. Thats straight down purdy much. It really was soooo fun, and I was so amazed that the machines actually stick to the snow., and I didn't die. Payt also loved snowmobiling and sledding. Ry of course spent 17 hours playing, er lining up "things that go". We love are little trips up there.

Bear Lake Valley (covered in a thick fog) brave!


Our little bundled up...and I mean bundled UP Payton

Thats me....

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Anonymous said...

That looks WAY scary to me. Please don't let my brother do anything crazy on those things! Anyway we sure are enjoying this 70degree weather, just thought I'd add that. Miss you guys.

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