Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still working on this....

My house must have more crap than the Magna dump.

I am really trying to de-junk. I have taken loads and loads and loads to the DI.

I have trash bags galore waiting to be hauled away!

How does a little family of 4 collect so much junk?

I am in deperate need of Peter Walsh up in here. Do you know who he is??

Watch lady "O" and then you'll know.

Between Christian and I we have like 15 binders of missionary letters and paraphenalia..

I hate to throw it out..My father in law would shutter at the thought of that I'm sure..
Its your geneology, heritage" or something to that effect he would say.

So I guess we'll keep haulin it around.

I have all this stuff from my childhood..books, carebears, art projects...

a million little memorys..You'd think I was 76..

What to do with it all? Store it in plastic bins till the second coming?

Like I need to neatly fit my 2300 sq feet of life into about 1200 sq feet.

Anyone know how to acheive this?

I need to simplify simplify simplfy simplify... four times that is. Whew.

So thats what I've been doing lately. Hmmm. What else? Nothing.. I think that really is it.

We didn't even leave the house today..Maybe when this inversion goes away..
and we aren't sucking tar residue into our lungs..we'll go out.
We're all a little stir crazy I admit!
I made Payton go to bed at 7:30...thats like 3 hours early for our schedule..
He still up there yelling that his pits and eyes are itchy and he needs a piece of gum.
Holy Cow just go to sleep already! I love you so much, but seriously.
A whole day in the house with a sweet, bored, 3 year old
leaves me feeling.. well... compassionless.
Itch your pits yourself ya know. I'm off for the night
He dinked around last night til 130 am cause he had taken this huge nap...
and I'm like we aren't going there again.. so today he didn't nap.
"You get to stay up and drive me a little crazy and then you go to bed like super early capish!"
Thats what I say

There is nothing worse than crappy spacing that I have no idea how fix..we'll all have to live with it..sorry!


Annie said...

Jamee... I am so glad your back to the blogging world. I love reading, you crack me up!

Melissa said...

Organzing is sooo not fun! I agree, we have so much crap, and I'm like, where did this all come from? I'm planning on taking my mssion letters and pics and such and scanning them, making a book through snapfish or something, and then throwing away the originals. Of course, that is whenever I get a minute, which doesn't feel like ever. I feel your pain!

Debbie said...

Oh my dear Jamee, this clutter thing is not your alone! My "craft" room look like it needs a call from "Clean House". No, my ENTIRE BASEMENT does, I stand corrected. ARGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
I"m trying to get my house in order too. I can picture it, neat bins in neat shelves and being able find precisely what I need without having to search for 20 minutes. You've inspired me load up my trunk, I have to pick up my kids from school, so I might as well leave early and get rid of some crap. That'll feel good.

beth said...

I'll send my husband over. He is the King of throwing stuff away - whether you really want it or not! :) He's like, "Have you used this in the last 6 months? No? In the trash it goes." We're not going to have any memories when we are old. LOL

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