Friday, January 30, 2009

Today's Hero

Here he is...looking studly as ever with his cute wife.

My Brother in-law Lalo fixed the stereo in my car using what he calls
"mexican magic"
Bet you wish had some a that!
Thank YOU so much!!
Thanks too for being a great uncle to my kids! The non-stop sword fights with Payt..
and for letting Ry eat all your food..:) We love you!

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Silly Monkeys said...

You lucky duck! I wish I had some of that Mexican Magic. But I guess I have to wait until my kids are older to share some of that Magic. My speakers in my Neon have been on the fritz for years. Oh, maybe not anymore...I guess it is really time to replace my speakers.

I forgot to tell you...we have a blog too!

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