Friday, January 16, 2009

Yello my name is Yamee...


and my best friend is Yesse. Well hi. How else should I title this post when I have been on hiatus for sodanglong?? I highly doubt anyone even drops by this lamo blog I've got. Whatev.

Its after midnight and I am bored. I wish I weren't so noctural. I am like a owl who likes to stay up super late and then sleep in til the baby(who really isn't a baby) yells "mommy OUT!" Out of his crib he means..sometimes on a real bad day I'll send the 3 year old to get in the crib and entertain the baby for 5 mintues while I roll my achy body out of bed. Hmmm. What other details of my life could I share with you on this fine night?? Heres a few... My 3 year old is pooping on the toilet. Who knew it could be so hard.. I finally said."Look little man poop on the potty or in your pants...there will be no more diapers". He waited several days and I mean several before he finally did the deed. Its slow going...thats fine though. The great part is I know he would never go in his we won't be having to clean poo off the pergo...and thats always a plus. What else? Life is still a little, messy, complicated lets just say. Who cares though. I'm pretty much over it at this point. It is what it is.
I am working everyday to make it a little better(my attitude that is). Keepin it real..ya know.
This month my littlest man will turn 2. He is so cute!
I wish to keep him a baby forever, and believe me I try.
He is in fact growing though and has become a true toddler. He honors me my coloring on my couches with ball point pens whenever the opportunity arises. He destroyed them.. and thats how I know we must be getting ever closer to his second birthday. I almost don't even care, the little dude is the apple of my eye...well at least one of them,
and of course the 3 year old is the apple of the other. (to keep things fair)
Ry is talking up a storm these days, and he can count to 12 perfectly.. and say sixteen with a lisp. Who cares that he misses 13,14,and15. He is so cute. He is obsessed to put it mildly with cars, or anything with a wheel for that matter. My house is evident of this as they are lined up in various places daily...all in perfect little rows, all 86,000 of them.
Well I'd say I've rambled enough for one night.

Don't you think?
Happy Birthday Ry

He looks a little peeved about whats just happened..


W, T and A said...

Hehehe. Coloring on the couch. At least it's ball point and not Sharpie, nothing gets out Sharpie, or lipstick... or fingernail polish for that matter. Take heart, you are not alone. We should start a support group for spoiled sofas.

AEllsworth said...

Try denatured alcohol. It got sharpie out of my couches when Addox had a go at being an artist.

Debbie said...

Wow, two already? Time flies when your cooking, cleaning, washing, buffing, shopping, stocking, driving, waiting in line, cleaning up poop, reading stories, tickling, making bottles for, bathing, rocking to sleep, singing to and loving you kids.
AND I'M SOOOO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!! I'm such a blog junkie, I can't help myself.
P.S. Would you mind if I put you in my blog roll? Let me know:)

Amy Rindy said...

Yeah! Glad to see you're back to blogging! Love the pics of cute Riley (I love graphic pictures!:) ) and I still can't believe our little ones are turning two!

Laura Alvord said...

I've missed your funny comments. Love ya!

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