Thursday, February 19, 2009

A GREAT Day For Wellies

Today I took my little men to Wheeler Farm to see the animals.

Who knew that the place would be covered in 10 feet of mud and goose crap? It was like Pompeii, only instead of ash...brown goo. I wore my newish Dansko boots, and Riley his Lacoste tennies. Dang, nuff said. Riley loved the animals and got right up close to them...I was so afraid they would bite his little hand right off!...Payton opted to keep his distance and instead told the animals knock knock jokes and consistently reminded me to not let the animals eat his brother.. He's such a sweet boy!
I am so friggin bored lately. I hate winter. I hate that my family has recently taken to television celibacy. I know its for the best, I really do.. When your t.v. addict like know its time to give it up.
I'm in a flat lining funk here folks. I thinks I need to move to somewhere warm and sunny, where we can frolic in the ocean for 12 hours a day.

Heres Payt telling a knock knock joke, and Ry...hoping to touch the horsey.

I gave the boys pieces of bread to feed the ducks. Ry took a big bite and said MMMM. So funny.

These birds are literally the size of him...He was trying to put his arms around them!

This one marched right up to me and demanded a piece of bread..I didn't afraid his friends would come and attack me, and peck my eyes out!

Tonight I am going to a fireside at my church.
Janice Kapp Perry is speaking! Wanna come?


Christian Levi said...

Honey what are "Wellies"?

Rachel said...

Why are you guys doing NO-TV?? Aw, I'd cry. . .

emily said...

Well you wouldn't be so bored if you would hang out with me! Where have you been lately, my dear.

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