Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interesting Outings

Have you ever had a heart attack when shopping at Walmart?.. I did yesterday. It took "Pete" 30 minutes to get me through his checkout line. Anything frozen had surely turned into a mushy mess and the milk had begun to curdle. He is scanning the lean cuisines that I found for 1 buck and this certain one keeps ringing up for 2 bucks instead of one...and I ask him to correct it cause I'm cheap like that. He looks up at me for the first time. His eyes are placed on the sides of his head. Like one is looking north and one is looking south.

(Picture a hammerhead) He had wood teeth just like George Washington, and his beard that should be white is the color of a banana. Creepy. At this point I will pay 5 bucks for the lean cuisines just to get out the door. Desperation sets in, the children are are throwing random items into the cart and starting to cry. Thats when I had the heart attack....and I'm still recovering. I shant go there again. Ever.

I have another good one. I was out getting paint for the "skinny window" 2 days ago. ( I still haven't done this) ( You've been watching me I know.) (Did you see me cry on the bachelor and the biggest loser?) (WHATEV) back to the story.. Well in my neck of the woods there is a Pets Mart right next to Michaels Crafts. I decide to take the kids over to see the animals..(Cause heaven knows they will never have one of their own). We are looking at the Guenia Pigs and this women who looks to be 39 and reeks of cigarettes and is wearing pajamas approaches my children with a 12 inch rat in her hands and asks my little men to pet it! I give her a courtesy smile as we start to back up (as to keep a eye on this crazy lady) she comes closer and asks the kids to pet the rat again telling them "she is clean" and " a really nice rat". Payton runs down the aisle and Riley turns away to look at something else. She scoots closer to my littlest man and encourages him for the 77th time to pet the rat! "Someone call security" I'm thinking.. Ry still shows no interest in the rat (for the 77th time) and the woman begins to cry telling my kids that "the rat is going to sleep and she is never ever going to wake up". (Who says that to a 2 and 3 year old?) This is when we run out the front doors. I shant go there again either. Ever.

The burning question is this....

Does stuff like this happen oh lets say...south of 7200?

I really seriously doubt it. NO offense. None taken? Super.


W, T and A said...

That woman with the rat was seriously at the dollar tree next to my house. There is a reason that I leave my kids home when I run errands. "Back off lady! Or you'll be taking the forever dirt nap."

beth said...

Oh that is just horrible. I swore off Walmart for a while there because everytime I would go I would slip in something wet. I didn't want to die!

Anonymous said...

Pretty freaky.

Debbie said...

Too true, unfortunately. One of my new's years resolutions, which i've been able to keep :) is only going to walmart once a month. Have you seen the walmart "bingo" game? I'll have to post it or e-mail it to you, it's totally TRUE. And, hey, it's o.k. to say "back off" you are your kids' advocate. CRAZY lady with the rat, seroiusly, why did someone not kick her out?
P.S. Walmart is great at 8:00 am Tues- thursday. That's when I'd go.

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