Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fancy Free

Don't you miss the days when you could run down the beaches of Bear Lake with your right butt cheek hanging out,....or your swim trunks on backwards????
With out a care in the world!
I do.
How would it be!....Perfect on so many levels I imagine. Like if my right butt cheek looked good enough to just be hanging out like that..
I think I'd have it made.
I really do.
Excuse me now. I am going to "work" on my butt cheeks..right and left.


Mama Claud said...

Hi Jamee... I am so glad you found my blog and left a comment, so I could find you. How are you? Your kids are darling, and you've got a fun blog! Keep in touch. Claudia

Christian Levi said...

My bum hangs out all the time. Not sure exactly what you're talking about.

Jen said...

can I just say, your blog is so darn entertaining, I'm sitting here at almost midnight and just kept reading. Love it!! You are so cute and have a talent for writing (not to mention being funny). I had to try real hard not to laugh out loud and wake up my hubby :). We really ought to get together sometime... well, til later...

emily said...

Hilarious!! Love the days of bum cheeks and backwards swimsuits!! Darling!

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