Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Can Go On

SOOOO...I am addicted and obsessed with the "cars cars"..Silly I know. I started collecting them for Ry...and then I began to like it a little to much...and then it became a addiction...A few weeks ago I found one "Mini Mack" at target.. Ry lost it the very next day while we were at Kohls. Believe me when I say I knew he was missing 27 seconds later when Ry's hands were empty. I looked everywhere and retraced the 15 steps I had taken 8 times. He was gone. Picked up undoubtedly by some other child, or maybe some old lady stuffed it in her purse...cause come to think of it..there were no other children around. I was so depressed that my "Mini Mack" was gone. I looked at EVERY store in the Salt Lake Valley for a new one..but he didn't exist.

SO SAD. He was a figment of my imagination..until last night. Target finally got a new shipment of cars...and lo and behold there was one "Mini Mack". MINE..ALL MINE. We also scored the king and his wife...and I am content. I made a pact with my children that we will not be buying anymore toys til June!

I challenge you to find yourself your own "Mini Mack"...See if it can be done.. Just try.


Debbie said...

I accept. Now, to the store!

emily said...

Hilarious! Stacy and Laura feel the same way about the cars cars. You will have to get together and discuss!

Silly Monkeys said...

I am guilty too! I have so many lighting mcqueens because Ryan kept loosing them. The other day I kept telling Ryan to put it away. Ryan kept telling me he did. By the end of the day we had 10. I guess his missing mcqueens finally came home. I have been looking for Mac. I am still collecting cars. Waiting for Ryan to be done and I can pass the cars onto my nephew.

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