Thursday, March 5, 2009


My internet has been down for 36.5 hours. Torture I tell you...the not knowing what is going on in the online world! What new celebrity gossip is on, and what did cjane do today..and did so and so get a BFP? Torture.
I went to the temple last night with my manfriend and guess what!... I saw Dwight Schrute there! Blond hair, but make no mistake about was him. Hilarious. We had the most enjoyable time,..makes me wonder why we don't skip out on other "duties" more often to go.. I have been in a tither for going on a year now over life in general. It was wonderful to go to the temple and feel peace. Peace I tell you! Its eluded me for quite sometime. Life shall not be as I hoped it would, but I think I can come to terms with that. It will be a complete rebirth as I call it. And when I say complete I mean shockingly complete.
I imagine it will be like the time 7 years ago...when I turned in what we call "mission papers". I was called to live 18 months of my life in Costa Rica...aka the rainforest. Beautiful little country. I had 5 hideous dresses and one pair of shoes. Hot water was non-existant and showers felt like Bear Lake in April. I ate the simplest of food....and had no transportation. I walked many miles a day talking to strangers in a strange language about our Heavenly Father's plan. I tapped on thousands of "portones" hoping someone would let me in to share a simple message. I awoke every morning at 545 am on the dot to begin a new day. I studied the scriptures everyday and sang hymns. I had nothing, but I truly was happy.
I am in search of that happiness again. I won't be going to Costa Rica to find it. Its already lurking about near by. Here I come!
Now if you'll excuse me. My son is reqeusting my attention so he can teach me how to spell the word B-U-M. Apparently while we were away at the temple
Uncle Nate taught him to spell this word. How about next time lets try...

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You Absolutely crack me up!!!

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