Friday, March 20, 2009

To: Jen Far Away

Here is a photo essay just for you of our day.

First we watched my neighbor water his rose bushes and wash his lawn mower..
in his silk pjs.

Then the boys blew some bubbles..

Riley tried to poke my eye out with a stick..but got the lens of the camera instead..

He insisted on bringing his blankey out so he could drag it around in the dirt..
(This is him retrieving the offending stick..)

Still blowing bubbles..

Catching bubbles..
We then went to the Children's Museum for the second day in a row!!
The boys love it..
Payt operating the crane...He gets a little crazy with those blocks!..
and has to be watched carefully;)
Ry in the playhouse..

Ry lining up animals....He loves to line things up.

Who is that fat face?? Me. Sad. Here are Payt and I sharing a slobbery kiss.

Here is my neighbor after we got home...still in his silkys having a smoke..He looks a little suspicious of me in this picture..I tried to be discreet...Hmmm. Do you think he knows I was taking his picture? I wonder if he'd be mad...The way I see its payback for his late night karaoke parties.

Good day sir. Thanks for the rear shot.

In closing...Today at the CHILDREN'S Museum this woman (seen in the back of this picture) sits down and whips out her ENTIRE breast in front of the whole world and all the kids and starts feeding her baby..who by the way is latching and unlatching.. I wanted to puke and almost did. I am ALL for breastfeeding...and where ever you want or need..on the bus, at the mall..anywhere..But cover up!..I don't know, maybe bring a receiving blanket...ANYTHING! I find this display of blatant nudity so gross and so inappropriate, especially where school age children and toddlers are present. I took a poll at work tonight and everyone agreed with me that this is disgusting. I hope I just didn't offend the world...but seriously! We don't need to see your breast and nipple and the whole "9 yards".. Ok I'm taking a breath now and calming down. Maybe I'm up in the night..I don't know..

and that's all....


Anonymous said...

Fun day! That's truly disgusting about the breastfeeding. That's my worst nightmare that everyone sees my breast. I wonder why some people don't care.

Amy Rindy said...

I know I've said it before, but your posts crack me up! I love the silk pjs guy, and I love that you kept taking his picture even more! And I'm right there with you on the breastfeeding!

Evie B. said...

I don't know what I like better, the silk jammies or the gold lion statue in front of his house. Yowza! :)

And so with you on the naked-boobage thing. Ick.

Laura Alvord said...

I agree! Those new hooter hiders saved me a lot of humiliation. I am completely addicted to the Cars cars too. At first I used the excuse that Meg needed them for rewards for potty training and I would but all of the ones that we didn't have. Now, she doesn't really like them as much and I still look at every Target, Walmart, ShopKo, etc. to see if they have any that we are missing. It is driving me crazy because I don't have Sarge or Lizzy and they cost a fortune online. Okay, I'm a nerd and I know it. Love ya!

emily said...

I am pretty sure your neighbor was aware of you takin his picture!!!!! So friekin' hilarious. He must love his silk pjs.

All for nursing - but so not for seeing any nip! sick. all the kids at the museum were wondering about those popping out.

Silly Monkeys said...

LOL! Neighbors, they are so wonderful. I see him all the time with his silky PJ's. Just last week it looked like he got a different color. Maybe because he wanted to wear new silky PJ's since he has a neighbor taking his picture. The lady breast feeding; I think she is very comfortable with her boobies. She tried to hide behind a toy car. LOL! I agree...cover up. Use the breast pump; this way you can have a bottle on hand. When I worked at the mall, a lady was breast feeding her new born and her 3 year old son at the same time. eyes, my eyes, my eyes...aahhhh!

Debbie said...

He, he, he! You are SOOOOO funny. I love the post. Silk PJ least he takes care of his yard. I totally breastfead in public, but I was discreet. ALWAYS had a blanket with me, ALWAYS. Seriously!

chad and lydia said...

Jamee- you are too funny!! Your blog made me laugh out loud. Are you going to see the Claybaughs this weekend??

Robin Feltner said...

The neighbor doing yard work in silk funny!

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