Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,
Hey... Congrats on passing your test!! We are so proud of you!!!
Anyway..Tonight I heard you say to mommy..
"Boo he is a boy! Not a girl..Cut his fingernails!!!!..."
So she did...
Then I heard mommy mutter after you left to go to the grocery store..
"Boo...he is a boy not a girl why can't we cut his hair?"
And then she put bows in it..just to prove her point!...

Its true dad I do look like a girl..

So let us know when mommy can take me to get a hair cut..




Cowan Family said...
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Cowan Family said...

That is so funny! He looks adorable. He is going to kill you when he gets older.

emily said...

HILARIOUS! How did Christian feel about this post? I think Tyler would KILL me! He is even cute with bows in his hair!! ;)

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