Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kids say the darndest...........


happy HapPy HAPPY

Mothers Day!!!

to the

my mothers day prep with the boys...

me - "Payton do you know what tomorrow is?"
payt - "SATURDAY??"
me - "No Payt, tomorrow is Mothers Day... a very special day where we celebrate our Mom's and Grandma's and women we love."
payt - "Oh..........Dad is mothers day just for girls??"
me - "Yep, what special things should we do for mom?"
payt - "Uh Dad, after Mothers day can we have a boy Mothers day so I can get my presents?"
me - "well...your birthday is coming up soon...what about then?"
payt - "no dad, I really need some presents"
me (getting frustrated) - "Payt, let's talk about Mom. What should we do?
payt - "Nothing. I'm disappointed"

My conversation with Riley went about the same.

me - "Ry, should we get mommy a present?"
ry - "no!"
me - "that's not nice Ry...don't you love Mom?"
ry - "no"
me - "are you just saying "no" cause that's what you do?"
ry - (sheepish grin) "yeeeeth."

Don't worry it gets better....Payton decided he wanted to pick out flowers and a balloon for mom (sound familiar? typical guy, recycling old ideas..) SO the flowers you got are from him. I was proud that he didn't pick purple. When I asked him why he thought you would like flowers his answer was....

"Dad can we get a churro with our pizza?"

"Payton" I responded (trying to get good material for this blog post) "Do you think mommy will like her flowers?"

"yeah, but they will die and then what?"

good point....
so here's one that WONT :)

On to gift number two.

"Payton, remember what happened when we would drop dishes really hard into the sink?" "What would happen to those dishes?"

"they would BREAK!"
(finally he got one right!)

"Well Payt, what should we get mom since her dishes are broken??"

"A softer SINK!"
..........I swear I couldn't MAKE this stuff up

Here's to the years when the boys can do their OWN Mothers day presents :)

Anyway, we love you SO so SO so SO so SO much and are SO happy that...





Dad (mostly), Payt (for the cute humor), and Ry (for tagging alog, all the while admiring his new shoes)


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