Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things that came...and things to come!

Last night we were putting the boys to bed...and Christian was like "do you hear that!" and I was like "what???" and then I heard this..

I looked out the window and saw this in my front yard

A Goat!! Sooo funny. We tied it to our tree and tried to find its owner..

We also called animal control.. actually Christian called 911..(for the goat emergency)

which actually made it funnier...Cause honey who calls 911 when there is a goat in your yard!?

Animal control/police called and said they wouldn't come cause this wasn't a emergency and it

was after hours...

(here in WVC "enforcement" doesn't come unless someone is dying, dead, or a gun is involved)

Finally the owners were located and they came for the little lady.

The funniest part was Payton was crying cause goats are scary and he kept asking if we could

call the police and have them take the goat to jail where a cougar could eat it. I told him no, that

it was a nice goat...He then slammed the front door shut and locked us and the goat out.

I found him asleep in his bed....sitting up..when I came back in.

What a wuss.

As far as things to come....

Well... we are adding another baby, or I should say sea monkey to our family.

We are really excited..

Yes....its another stinky little boy..

Yes, that is the 3rd time in a row I've heard "it has a pee pee"

No,...I am in no way disappointed. I really love my little men..

So spare me the looks of... "She must be soooo disappointed". I'm not!

We feel so grateful to be blessed with children...Cute silly ones at that!

A girl would add a little excitement to the mix.. this is true.

But trust me when I say we have plenty of "excitement" going on around here:)

Here is a pic of the little guy. He will be making a debut around November 10...He is really tiny

still...and really does look like a sea monkey. I'm just hoping for another healthy bundle of love..

Isn't my scanning job awesome?

Call me if you ever need help with yours!

I love to share my talents.


Melissa said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful news. How exciting.

Cowan Family said...

Congratulations Jamee!! I'm glad someone is having boys to make up for all my girls.

Katy said...

Well, this is exciting! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Congrats you guys. OH and I am sorry about my goat getting out again! I will be better about keeping her on her leash!

Anonymous said...

I am really, really excited! He will come really close to Kate's birthday. You gonna try for VBAC?

W, T and A said...

I too once had a goat in my yard... and a turkey, a live one, not one in frozen cocoon, Thanksgiving was around the corner... never did see that bird again.
Congrats on that new baby of love!
Hey! That baby will be coming right around Thanksgiving...

fREnCh TrOSt said...

Congratulations! We are super happy & excited for you guys!

Nicole said...

Wow, congrats! how exciting!

The Hessing's said...

Congrats!! Brian and I are still laughing on how christian announced it. When exactly are you due? Now maybe your cute little boy can date our cute little girl!?! We really do want to get together soon!

Amy Rindy said...

That's awesome - congratulations you guys!

Laura Alvord said...

That is so exciting. Congrats!!!

A little Gatherum Story said...

Senorita Berg. Porque no me dijiste de tu buena noticia??? Congrats anyways. I am so happpppppy for you guys!

Evie B. said...

Congratulations - that's awesome!

emily said...

Congrats that is so exciting!!! I can't believe you didn't tell me when you were over her the other day. HELLO!!!!!!!!! I love that your post starts with a stray goat and ends with a new baby boy!! Hilarious!! CONGRATS!

Nikki said...

Jamee- Congrats..Oh, and boys are so much easier going. That's awesome! K The goat thing cracks me funny! It's been a while since I've read your blog..You are the funniest girl.

Silly Monkeys said...

Congratulations! This is will be having three little men.

Enjoyed reading about the goat in your yard. Next time you find a goat....keep it for a few days and put her in your backyard...she will eat all your weeds. You might as well enjoy her and make use of her. It's just part of the finders fee. Not kidding!

I was wondering what happened to that goat and was thankful she was gone. Now, I know she was in your yard instead of our back neighbors yard. Now we have the joys of hearing her...all the time. :(

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